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We can NEVER relax again!

When a baby is born, you know life will never be the same again. You know you might have to wait 18 or so years before your child leaves you alone long enough for you to have a nice cuppa. The reality is, when a baby is first born, you get plenty of time. Well with BB we did anyway. He slept ALOT. I think this happens for life to ease you into a false sense of security before BOOM they don’t sleep as much as they did.

Then you still don’t have it too bad. The little man or lady in your life is still pretty restricted. You can lay them down, stick them in a play pen and they are as content as a pig in poo!

THEN they get mobile! At first its cool, cute, maybe even fun, but soon your devising a way to place a tracking device on them just to keep track!

BB started slowly, he started with an army crawl. He crawled with his arms, while pushing himself along with his big toe!

The he got the whole crawling thing, but occasionally he still went back to the old ‘crawl ‘n’ push’. Then he got better with the crawling, now hes off and I am pretty sure if we didn’t keep an eye on him, he would be sat in the pub with a pint in his hand before we noticed!

We really need to go buy some gates!
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  1. Oh man, you’re going to get some extra exercise now, whether you want to or not 🙂

    Did he climb out of the chair in the first pic??

  2. LOL yeah that sounds familiar. Wait still he starts walking then you have to look the doors or he’ll be off the to clubs :0) Its very challenging but enjoy.

  3. Matilda can crawl at literally a hundred miles an hour, for a while though she wouldnt go over the step outside the back door. Then one day all is quiet and we find her half way up the garden feeding the dog stones 🙂 Love this age though, such fun if hard work

  4. Our youngest climbed the stairs herself at 8 months – we’d got out the habit of closing the bottom gate because we didn’t need to pen her older sister in as much any more. That’s her older sister who, at about 2 years old, opened the front door and wandered down the street without us noticing!

    It doesn’t get any more relaxing I’m afraid…

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