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A while back I published this post….

Show me YOUR money!

If you cant be bothered clicking on the above link, shame on YOU.
Basically it went something like this….

“As many of you know my mum passed away nearly 12 years ago. Anybody who has lost a parent or somebody close to them, knows that the feeling of loss never really goes away. I look at my beautiful son and gives me a heavy heart to know that he will never feel the love my mum would have given him.”
I believe if it was not for the great people at Wheatfields Hospice, we would have had to say goodbye to mum much sooner than we did. Although we knew the cancer was terminal, the care they provided allowed her to concentrate on enjoying the time she had with the most important people in her life, her children.

So, the reason for this post is not to simply tell you a story, it is to ask for your help. I honestly believe that charity begins at home and as you can see Wheatfields Hospice, is very close to my heart.

I recently received an e-mail at work asking for volunteers for something called a ‘Starlight Hike’. It is a 10km walk that takes place overnight and I will be taking part and raising money for a wonderful cause.”

Well, it turns out, that this is the first year they have allowed men to sign up! Not only is that pretty cool, whats even cooler, is that I was the FIRST man to sign up!…..NATIONWIDE!!!
So from a few conversations with Wheatfields Hospice that included words such as “Publicity”, “Radio”, “TV” (Not counting on it) I then received a phone call from a journalist called Suzanne McTaggert from the Yorkshire Evening Post asking if I would be willing to be featured in the paper. 
Of course I said yes and then quicker than I can say face for radio, it happened!

Find the full article by clicking

I’m famous!! Well I’m famous in Yorkshire…in fact no, I’m not famous at all, but its cool to be in the paper!
So please, spare some cash. If each of my readers donated just £1 I would be a fiver closer to my target!
And of course, if you feel the urge, sign up yourself! There is Starlight Hikes in Aberdeen, Dundee, Leeds, Clithroe, Haworth, Driffield, Bedford, Cheltenham, Ipswich, Peterborough and Reading.
Go to for more information or to sign up and of course please visit To donate. Trust me, every penny makes a difference.
For more information on the reason im doing this and find out more about Sue Ryder care you can also visit
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