A Babies Day Out

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With a day’s annual leave from work and a good bit of weather, we took the oppurtunity to take BB out for the day.
When you live so close to an attraction, it’s easy to forget it’s there. One of the closest attractions we have in Leeds is Roundhay Park.

Roundhay Park is most famous because it has been the place of some famous concerts such as ROlling Stones (1982), Michael Jackson (1988 & 1992) and even Robbie Williams (2006).

Its a beautiful place and it has a little butterfly house and aquariam called Tropical world.
It was tropical world we decided to take little Benjamin for a day trip.

They have birds, bats, butterflies, snakes, turtles, fish and even Meerkats!!

He absolutley loved it and I know that any kid would. So if you live anywhere nearby, make the trip its definetley worth it!

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