1st baby show, maybe last!

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This past year as been a year of firsts and this past weekend I had another.

I’ve seen them mentioned loads of times, but last week we got the chance to visit our first baby show and it may be our last.

The Mrs has been to similar shows before. Shes a scrapbook fan and these kinda shows happen every so often, so she knew what to expect. She didn’t expect what we found at the UK Baby and Toddler show.

Firstly, we found the details on Groupon. (Groupon is a website offering cheap deals and vouchers). The deal was, 50% off the £12 entrance fee. The UK baby and toddler show launched with 2 shows. One in Sheffield and 1 in Leeds.

When we first arrived we couldn’t find any signage showing us where we needed to go, then when we found the entrance, there was nobody checking tickets, so in reality, we didn’t even have to buy them!

Then we noticed that there wasn’t alot of stalls. I would probably say around 20 or so. I think I just expected a little more.

Although I enjoyed the stalls that were there, I was just disappointed that it was such a small collection. We had our picture taken for a competition to become the face of the show and we discovered an awesome little product called ‘Chillipeeps Teet’. Its a handy little gadget with a teet on, that you can pierce cartons with or screw onto the top of a water bottle and give it to your little one for them to use without having to carry a sterilised bottle while your out on the go. For the record, this isn’t a sponsored post..lol. We bought the items ourselves and I just think they are pretty cool!

All in all, it wasn’t a waste, but I was disappointed with the amount of stalls and EXTREMELY peeved off to find out it was a waste of £18 (For 3 of us).

Just to kick us while we were down, we later found a leaflet offering an entrance fee of only £4!

I have tweeted the guys at @UKbabytoddler show, but they haven’t had the urge to reply, which is a shame.

Was I expecting too much? Did anybody else visit either the Leeds or Sheffield show? What should I normally expect from these type of shows and should I give it another go?

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  1. Hello first time daddy – so sorry you had a bad experience. BabyShows are a challenge to organise but there are some very good ones out there! Check out http://www.babyexpobabyshow.co.uk – as sponsored by Daddynatal and BabyNatal. We’d love you to come visit and enjoy 100+ exhibitors at NO entrance cost, parenting experts as seen on the telly, innovation alley, the natural parenting zone, mumandworking flexible working zone and sooooo much more. I’ll even save you a cup cake (blue of course!)

    1. Thanks for the invite, will definatley consider it. It’s a little far to travel but it might be worth it, just for that cup cake!
      Great to hear about Daddynatal being involved. I have been a follower of Dean’s for some time and an advocate of his work.

      Thanks again for the invite.

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