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There are some things in a babies life that are pretty big certainty.
A baby, boy or girl is bound to get hair. BB ain’t doing too well in this department at the moment, but we hope he catches up soon. A baby will find their voice. They might not be quoting Shakespeare by the time they are in size 3 nappies but they will eventually start giving you their opinion in their own screamy way!

One of the biggest developments is they get teeth. The reason I think this is a biggy is because like Walking and talking, teeth are something that should be around as long as they are!

If we are honest with ourselves, me & The Mrs have used teething as an excuse for endless days of crying, fussing and general grumpyness, but we can say for sure, that ‘Calgel’ (A UK cream for teething) has definitely helped those situations, so who knows, maybe it has been teething all along!

For parents, teething is a long and a bit of a reward less task. As parents, we gain nothing from our little bundles of joy gaining a nice set of gnashers. They cost money to maintain, they cost us a fortune in ‘Tooth Fairy Tax’ and if we could feed them blended or baby food all their lives it would save us a fortune. If Robocop can survive on bottles of baby food why cant the rest of us!

Anyway, enough of my post apocalyptic ideas for humanity. This past week Benjamin got his first “Tooth”. I call it a “Tooth” because so far we have a very clear cut in his gum and the tip of a Tooth, so it’s not quite a fully fledged gnasher just yet, even though it is very exciting. I say this all the time, but he is really growing fast and seeing a development like this shows you how much he has grown!

I am sure before we know it he will have a wonderful set of ‘Tushy Pegs’ that will cost us a fortune in dental work and when the inevitably fall out, we will have to pay her removal fees and with inflation as it is, we may have to sell the dog to pay for it!


  1. Wait until those long awaited teeth start falling out. A whole other level of trauma!

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  2. Eek! I’m a little creeped out by the visual! Trying to imagine your cute baby without the cartoon teeth. We’ve been blaming teething for over 6 months now. My daughter started the whole dribbly, biting, fussing, red-cheeked thing at 3 months and has continued on and off but at almost 10 months there is still not a tooth to show for it. People keep pointing this out as if it’s something of note. I must admit I’ll probably be a little sad when one emerges. It’ll be another sign that my baby is growing up!

    1. Trust me, they will come. Benjamin looks like he has his 2nd through already. Not quite there, but you can fel where they have split the gum and are poking through a little.

  3. I always use teething as an excuse for Bob’s sleeping. I am pretty sure she hasn’t been teething for 10 months solid! ;o) Love how you have got the photoshopping bug! I am so proud! ;o)

    1. Ha, what can I say, you inpired I used to do it alot, then read an article about stealing images from google and it freaked me out, so now I am trying to just use my own images.

      His teeth are really starting to come through now and we have notcied a difference from his broken sleep before and his broken sleep now.
      Before we just gave him his dummy back, but now he is teething he is much more awake at 3am! Hope it doesnt last too much longer.

  4. Ha, i agree. I have always been useless with my teeth and I hate them, so I am adamant he looks after those toothies.

    Thanks for the comment and I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog.


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