Benjamins adventures abroad – Part2

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Well all in all our first holiday abroad was an amazing success, mostly because BB is such a laid back baby.

As I have said before, my main concern was the flights and both out and inbound he was awesome. Anyway I’ll get to the flight later.

In part 1 I told you how much of a great time he was having on his jollies. Well as the week progressed, he enjoyed it even more! From his daily swim in a nice heated indoor pool, to his midnight location change from his cot to mummy and daddies bed! (Officially the first time he has co-slept with me and the Mrs).

Through the whole holiday, he has been a very happy chappy, he has dealt well with many strangers approaching and touching and even got a laugh out of the waiters speaking Arabic. The waiter tried to convince us babies could speak all languages and the way BB responded I couldn’t disagree.

He loved his swimming and he even enjoyed a little a play in the sun after daddy insisted he was absolutely covered in factor 50! Even on days where the sun shone, it was pretty windy so the temperature remained good enough to sunbath for the adults, but not too hot for the smaller people amongst us. Granddad even made a makeshift play pen to keep him out of the wind, luckily there was not many people looking for sun bed mattresses at the time!

Hotel was great, very clean, great service at the bar and the staff always wanted to help. The only down fault was I thought the food was a little lacking especially the hotel being a 4* but gladly, BB was fed well on cartons of formula we took with us and of course mummy’s milk a couple of times a day. The rooms were great and the beds were really comfy and massive, which is why we were happy for BB to spend some time in bed with us. It was great waking up with him smiling at your face, but I don’t think it is something we will continue at home.

I mentioned how well he did in the outbound flight and he was nearly as angelic on the inbound. This time he was awake for both take off and landing and after a little fuss here and there he settled back down. One of my proudest moments as a parent so far is hearing complete strangers telling other complete strangers, how amazingly well behaved and great our little boy had been. I am sure that will all change as the years go by! HA

Hopefully we will continue to enjoy holidays as a family both here in the UK and abroad.

PS. I started this blog for myself and I know that it is read by a small amount of people and I am grateful for every page view I get and comment’s that are left. With that being said, it is always nice for some recognition and the guys and gals over at BritMums are looking for nominations in their 2012 Brilliance in Blogging awards. If you have enjoyed my blog and you think I deserve the chance at some recognition, then please be kind enough to click on the below badge and fill in the nomination form. You can nominate me for as many categories as possible not just Dad Blogger.

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  1. Glad to hear the first trip abroad was a roaring success! I’ve nominated you in the Daddy Blogger cat too, yours was the first I read when I started mine a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been really enjoying it.

  2. I see your European travel and raise you a 30 hour marathon from Melbourne to London with our 8 month old! The gin and tonic we had been fantasising about was nowhere to be seen after discovering the airline didnt serve alcohol – devastated! Keep up the great work, nomination is in the bag.

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