Benjamins adventures abroad-Part 1

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Firstly, let me apologise if this post looks silly or is full of mistakes or spelling/grammar errors, but I’m typing this on an iPhone AND using the blogger app! Small keyboard and fat thumbs don’t work well! Anyway, here goes…

Well with more bags than Asda, we made our way to Manchester Airport. I really wasn’t looking forward to the flight because I wasn’t sure how well BB would cope. As per usual I was worried about nothing, he feel asleep as the engines kicked in for takeoff and slept for about an hour and a half into the flight.
When he woke, he seemed pretty Un phased by the situation and didn’t quite grasp my enthusiasm for air travel. The only bump in the road (or should that be turbulence) was the landing. I’m not sure if it was the movement of the plane as it descended or the change in air pressure, but he wasn’t impressed.

The hotel is lovely and the cot they have provided for BB is perfect. (Another thing we worried about!)
He didn’t settle too well on the first night but I think that was Due to the change in routine. Instead of his usual bath and bed at 7, we let him have a bonus nap and play and he went to bed about 10pm.

Although I am on holiday with him, I feel I have spent hardly any time with him as at any opportunity he is whisked away by his Granddad to play in the pool or for a walk around the hotel. Was difficult at first because I wanted to enjoy the holiday with him too but I realise that is Granddad doesn’t see him as much as he would like to so like me wants to spend as much time with him as possible. I can’t help but feel selfish trying to stop that, after all I can spend time with him when we get home.

He has loved the pool. We bought him an inflatable chair and he sits and kicks his legs just like he will when he eventually swims on his own.

We are halfway through and so far the family has had a great time, Benjamin is being spoiled rotten with attention and I doubt that will change.

Will try and post Part 2 before we go home.

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