7 months on.

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Not posted for a while this might be a long one…

I just cannot believe it is mid February already. Time has flown so fast since Benjamin arrived so spectacularly. I think what magnifies that is that life is just so busy at the moment.
I am busy at work, Christine is starting to organise her return to work. So much has changed since she left, but I am sure after a couple of days, it will feel like she has never left.
A few years ago, I had 6 weeks off work and when I went back, everything felt so strange, so I can’t imagine what it is going to be like after 9 months!
We are in the process of buying a house, we lost out on our first choice as we got outbid, but we were lucky to find another house in the same area. Same deal as before (Click on the house tab), we will have a lot of work to do as it is in a state of disrepair, but it will be great fun, putting together our family home, just how we want it. Many stars still have to align before it’s actually ours, but hopefully everything falls into place.
Back in September, we took our first family holiday together. We spent a great weekend in Wales, well now we are stepping up our game. We have booked our first family holiday ABROAD. Benjamin has his own passport, he will have his own bag and he will be flown away to what hopefully will be a gorgeous hotel and a fabulous holiday. We are taking Grandma and Granddad too, so he will have plenty of people giving him attention. I can’t wait to go swimming with him in his little inflatable chair.  
The only thing I am worried about is the flight. 3 hours of trying to keep him settled and calm while locked in a plane at 37’000 feet. I’m hoping the flight ‘flies’ by.
Anyway back to the reason for this post!
Benjamin is growing into a beautiful young boy. He was weighed in at 18lb 13oz and I can see his personality developing. He loves being bounced and tickled and the routine I spoke of previously is working a little.
The only problem we have is that he constantly wakes in the night. We think he is waking because of his teeth, but after over a month of this we see no evidence of teeth!
Alright, that’s enough from me, it appears I could keep going but I won’t.
If you have made it this far, thanks for reading and I will try and get some more regular posts out.
Take care

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  1. Just to let you know I do read your posts! Seriously though, I used to buy some new toys to try and help with the flight time. With time we have progressed to colouring books, activity books and story books, although I don’t think you’ll need all of them just yet! I put new stuff to one side and save them until we get to the airport, and if possible on the flight. HTH

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