Relocation part 2 – Building from the ground up…Nearly.

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Well hopefully you all read my last post about moving house, if not find it HERE.
If your too lazy then shame on you, but the basics are, we want to move. We want to move out of the area we currently live in and we want to move closer to Christine’s parents as Grandma will be looking after BB when the wife goes back to work.
Our house has been on the market with a local estate agent since November and we have had a grand total of 1 viewing. The feedback we got was that the house was lovely but they wanted to live closer to work.
So, until recently, we haven’t even entertained the idea of looking at homes for us to move into, because what’s the point if you haven’t sold your house right?
Well last week a house came on the market, close to the street where we would look if our house ever sold. We made an exception and went for a viewing. The reason we made that exception was because the house looked at is a repossession and is about £40k cheaper than the houses in our price range.
Another major reason it is so cheap is because it’s currently not liveable. Well, technically you COULD live in it, but you could also live in a wheelie bin, but nobody wants to!
We have made an offer, which has been accepted, the money should be in place next week and hopefully we can get contracts exchange within a couple of weeks.
It is going to be a crazy amount of hard work. The place needs to be stripped down to the bare walls and floors, kitchen needs ripping out and starting again and garden needs a whole lotta love, but hopefully by the end of it all, we will have our dream home and the satisfaction that WE made it OUR home for OUR family.
All of this of course depends on a few things, such as survey and nobody else putting a higher off in. (As it’s a repossession, the banks leave it on the market with hope they can re-coup as much money as possible).
If anybody has any experiences buying a repossessed home or you have had a similar project, then PLEASE pass on your experiences and advice. We need all the help we can get.
Thanks for reading FTD
PS, I have created a page just for updates on the house, so if you’re interested, clicky da linky.

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