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We knew that once BB came along, the house we currently live in wouldn’t be ideal. The main reason for this is that when Christine goes back to work, BB will be looked after by his grandma. The problem with this is that, grandma lives about 6 miles in the wrong direction for BB to be dropped off in the morning. Another minor reason for us wanting to move is the area in which we currently live.
Although, we have rarely had a problem on our very quiet cul-de-sac, the estate that our street is built onto has a certain reputation. When we originally moved here, it was described to me as the Beirut of Bradford! We moved here 7 years ago because not only was it closer to mine and Christine’s work, but the house prices were considerably lower.
We love our little house. We have made it into a beautiful home for us to live in and if I could pick this house up and move it to a different location I would do, but we can’t, so the only alternative is to put the house on the market.
Our little home has been on the market for about 3 months now and with only 1 viewing, it’s not looking good but there isn’t much more we can do. The house is up for a reasonable price, its well taken care of; we can only hope that the New Year brings new buyers into the market.
Our other options are:
1 – We lower the price significantly. Although this sound OK and we can afford to do this, it means we have less money to put towards a deposit on our new home which will no doubt be considerably more expensive than the house we sell. BUT we would be willing to do this if it meant a move.
2 – Worst case scenario. This is to sell to a “Quick sell” company. If you have never heard of these, basically these companies will come along and offer you considerably less than the market value. So for example, let’s say your house is worth £150k, they will probably offer you £105. Now that obviously sounds like a stupid deal, but they focus on those people who are probably going to lose their house anyway due to non-payment, so 70-75% of the value is better than losing your house all together. This is NOT the case with us, so we feel really begrudged about taking so little.
So, there we have it. We are stuck here for the time being. If we are still here when the wife goes back to work, it’s going to get really complicated having to take BB to his grandparents every morning, but it’s just one of the many things we have to as parents!
If anybody has any suggestions, or you have or know somebody that has had experience selling homes quickly, please give me a shout.
As always thanks for reading

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