It’s not just dancers who need a routine!

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Humans are a creature of habit. I am also a creature of routine.

I wake up and my mornings go the same every day, give or take a few minutes. If ANYTHING interferes with that routine, then my whole “schedule” is ruined and I end up being late to work, or I forget to do something. Thanks to my beautiful wife, my morning routines haven’t changed all that much, even after becoming a parent. Unless of course it’s the weekend, in which case anything can happen!!
One person who doesn’t have a routine is BB. C tries to keep a routine during the day but as any mummy or daddy will probably tell you; babies do what they want, when they want it.
So 2 days ago C announces that she is going to try and install a bedtime routine for BB. This involves Bath, Boob and then bed. Unexpectedly, it didn’t go to plan. The first night, he needed bathing about 6pm because of a “Poo Incident”, so it was far to early too go to bed, so he was fed and put to bed later than planned. The second night didn’t go well either. I arrived home to find a VERY grumpy, VERY tired boy who was asleep by 7:15 without getting any food at all. We decided rather than wait till he wakes from a nap and the put him to bed extremely late, we would put him to bed and give him a feed if he woke in the night.
So here we are, night 3 of trying to get a routine. He has been bathed. He is currently being served a delicious course of mum and will shortly be whisked away to the land of dreams.
Hopefully, this routine will stick. Hopefully it will help him relax on an evening (He lives such a stressful life playing and sleeping and eating and playing ect ect) but it will also help him sleep a little better and stop him waking during the night. More on that next time we meet!
Hopefully of the few that read this, you will have also gone through the trials and tribulations of trying to get a bedtime routine going and can pass on some tips or advice.
If this doesn’t work, I fear he will grow up to be disorganised, unpunctual and useless…just like his daddy.
As always, thanks for Reading.


  1. I guess like his daddy it is mate… LOL!!!!
    With the monkeys it helped a lot to set the routing since they popped out, and is what we did… I know it doesn’t help but persevere… he’ll et used to it… sooner or later… hopefully sooner rather than later… persever persever and all that. 🙂

  2. The best laid plans are often destroyed by an errant poop incident. Luckily, with our boys they fell into their own natural bedtime schedule. The main thing was to just keep an eye on what times they were hungry and what times they got sleepy by. Our oldest would go to bed at midnight, take a light feeding and then wake up at 4 AM for another feeding. Any time we tried to break that routine we were in trouble. The youngest is on a bed by midnight but he feeds way more and thus sleeps through the night. Just keep at it daddy. You guys will get there!

  3. My son was difficult to get on a routine. By 8 months we had him going to bed around 8, up about 2 for a feeding, then back to sleep until 8 or 9. Naptime once or twice throughout the day. Establishing a routine is one thing. Our sticking point was actually sticking to it. If you don’t, things will probably always go haywire! But then again, in parenting, if everything is going the way you think it should, then something is probably going wrong.

    The Dude Abides

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