Who let the dads out?

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Well who would have thought it? Little old me, a published author!
Nope me neither, but thanks to Mr Tom Briggs and Mr Tim Atkinson I can tick something off my imaginary bucket list!
Exactly a month ago today, Tom, posted a blog over at ‘Diaryof the dad’, calling on all dad bloggers for a little challenge he had set himself. I have paraphrased the post below….
I’ve committed myself to an exciting project with a rather tight deadline and time, as they say, is of the essence. To cut a long story short, I had an idea for a book ages and ages ago and promptly forgot about it until I bumped into Tim Atkinson at the MAD Blog Awards. Talking to him about his excellent book, the idea popped back into my head and I found myself blurting it out.”
“So I guess what I’m asking in a roundabout sort of way is for dad bloggers to submit their favourite posts – and, ideally, they need to be about being a dad/what your kids get up to”
Not only was it a very cool idea, but he gave himself a very short deadline.
Well he achieved it with time to spare and a couple of days ago, the book was officially available to buy! …It’s called ‘Who let the dads out?’and the best thing about it is…I’M IN IT!

OK, I realise my contribution may only take up 1 of 62 pages, but it is still 1 more page than I had published before and I am proud of that page!
So, if you randomly find yourself with £5.24 in ya pocket, click on the picture above and get it bought.!
 If you want a signed copy, send it my way lol Either way, let me know you have bought one!
Thanks again to both Tim and Tom for their efforts towards getting this book out.
Thanks for reading

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