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Take a weight off…
As I have no doubt mentioned in a previous post, I am a fairly big bloke.
I keep being told, I don’t LOOK that fat (Bless em), but I know how I feel and I know what the scales tell me. When going out for a meal, the first thing I think of as the waiter sees us to our table is “Will that chair support me?” Before sitting on a picnic bench in a beer garden, I check that other people have already sat down to counter my weight on the other side.
I have always been a big guy and that was made worse when my mum died. I moved to live with my dad and if I have ever been close to being depressed, it was then. Due to me generally hating everything at that point in my life, I drank…ALOT. It sounds crazy now, but like most people I took a drink to bed with me, just in my world, that was a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka. Along with the drink, I ate alot. My dad’s wife used to cook absolute crap on a daily basis, so I would try and avoid it as much as I could. This meant eating takeaways, microwave meals and any other rubbish I could get my mouth around!
So slowly, the weight crept up, then I got together with Christine, then the weight crept up a little more and with being happy and content, the weight continued to creep up.
So now I am gonna make a change! I don’t eat a great deal of crap anymore. Some people binge drink, I binge eat.  So to make a change, I need a plan.
While having a conversation with a colleague at work, she was telling me how much she wanted to lose weight but never had any encouragement or motivation, so I agreed to try and lose weight with her. Then while reading Twitter, I saw that Bob over at Only Dads also had the same idea (Albeit with a different target)
The Plan:
The plan is to lose 1.5 Stones before Easter. That’s 123 Days or 17.5 weeks. To lose 21lb in 17.5 weeks I will need to lose, on average 1.2 a week.
Weigh day will be every Friday Morning and I will update the Weight Page with my thoughts and progress.
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  1. Lewis, best of luck! I look forward to following your progress! I’ve done several diets (Slimming World is brilliant) but can honestly say I’ve had the most success from going vegan. Sounds so drastic but the weight has just dropped off. I lost a stone in the first month! Madness!

    Someone told me something brilliant about the eating ‘triangle’ recently… Your daily diet should be like a triangle so… The earlier in the day, the more you can eat. Never have a big meal at tea time as you won’t do anything to work it off. Your biggest meal of the day should always be breakfast!

    Good luck!!! 🙂

  2. Making your weight loss plan public should help. I have struggled with binge eating for several years now and I have not kicked the habit. I would akin it to a full-blown addiction. If you need someone to commiserate with I’d be happy to support you.

  3. Everyone’s got his own way, but I finally made progress myself when I started getting active. Thinking about, how can I burn another 100 calories now? Stairs, lifting kids, bit of football, whatever. Like the supermodel said, nothing on earth tastes as good as being fit feels. Good going.

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