BB’s first Christmas.

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We knew it would be a calm one. We knew that this year and possibly next year, would be the calm before the storm that is a REAL Christmas.
I have never really been a Christmassy person. I always thought it was just for kids and I didn’t have any kids, so never made much of an effort. Now BB has arrived, I think that will all change, not this year, maybe not next year but the years after that, I am really going to have to stop being such a Bah Humbug!
Even with BB in tow, this year went pretty much the same as the past few. We got up and had breakfast, I went to the crematorium (Do this every Christmas to light a candle for those who aren’t with us), then we set-off to the Grandparents.
But before we got there, we made a little detour to my sister’s house. We wouldn’t normally  see my Brother-in-law as he usually works Christmas day, but due to a change in job he could relax for once.
After a quick drink and plenty of baby cuddles, we set off to Christine’s Mum and dad’s house where we were to have Christmas Dinner and BB would get spoiled.
And spoiled he did!

We seem to have started a little Christmas tradition over the past few years. We spend Christmas day with Christine’s family and Boxing Day with mine.
So on Boxing Day, My sister, Brother-in-law, Brother and Nephew all came to our house, where we laughed, drank and ate far too much! Oh and we had a little dance too. Me dancing to Lady Ga Ga is something nobody should see!
As low key as it was, we think BB had a great first Christmas and by the looks of it, we are going to struggle to put all of his presents somewhere!
I hope all my readers had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, holidays, whatever it is you celebrate!
Here’s looking forward to 2012!

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