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I have spoken before about the fact, when you find the ‘one’ for you, the first question that is asked is “When are you going to get married?” Then when you finally take the plunge and get married, they start asking “When you starting a family?” and you imagine when you are lucky enough to have that family that so many of us hope for you think that’s the end of it….it’s not!
I don’t even think that BB was a week old, before we were already being asked when number 2 would be on his/her way! Now I joke to some, that it has taken me 10 years so to start thinking about Benjamin V2.0 anytime soon is definitely out of the question.
 Now, don’t get me wrong, Christine and I have had this conversation but I can’t see this happening for some time.
I know from connecting with so many people through this blog and through twitter that, as with most things with kids, everybody has an opinion and some things are perfect for some but not for others but for us, there are a number of things that would have to happen before we tried for another.
We would want BB to certainly be at nursery. I think trying to raise 2 kids while both being at home 24/7 would be ALOT of stress.
Right now, we couldn’t handle two mouths to feed financially. I’m sure it’s the same for most, but money is tight with the 4 of us (Including the dog of course!), and with any more money from work looking unlikely, we are stuck with our budget, which I don’t think will stretch to 5!
Of course if there was to be a ‘Happy Accident’ and we found out tomorrow that there was another little Ackroyd on the way, we would be over the moon, but that isn’t likely to happen.
Then of course if everything goes to plan and BB starts nursery at around 4 years old and we make that all important decision to try again, that also comes with its problems.
In 4 years Christine will be around 37 and I will be around 34. Its common knowledge that age can be a factor on how easy it is for the magic to happen and after it taking 6 months with BB, it could take us much longer a second time.
Then there is the age factor with regards to carrying a baby, which if you believe some can also be dangerous.
With all those factors, it’s a hard decision to make but we feel waiting is the right one….FOR US.
So what’s your opinion? Did you have 2 close together? If so, how did it work for you? If not, why not.
As always I look forward to your opinions, unless it’s on my version of fashion, in which case your comment would be wasted…:)
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  1. We always wanted three, then the second one came along. Yikes. We would be ecstatic with three it’s just that the ssinf one has been a lot of work. You have YO donwhats best for you, although as I have said to a lot people I know can you regret HAVING a child? I for one might look back years from now and regret NOT HAVING the third.

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