Becoming a dad isn’t amazing…..

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Let me explain.
I recently went out for what some might call “Wetting the baby’s head”, whereas I just call it a few drinks with friends.
We drank, laughed, we watched the mighty Leeds United beat local rivals Doncaster Rovers convincingly 3-0 and we drank some more.
 During one of the less random conversations that we had that night, one of my friends turned round to me and asked me “Does it feel amazing being a dad?”
BB does an impression of daddies friend after too many drinks!
My initial response to this was yes. Of course it’s amazing. My friend knew how much becoming a dad meant to me and he knew that it had taken some years to convince the Mrs so it wasn’t a strange answer, but then I changed my mind. “It’s not amazing really, it’s……” and after a few seconds he suggested “Natural?”
That was it! Becoming a dad wasn’t an amazing feeling; it wasn’t really any emotion other than it just felt right. It’s weird how you imagine something being one way and when that’s exactly the way it goes, the only feeling I have is one of content. So far being a dad has been everything I could have hoped and dreamed of. BB is healthy, Christine has been more of an amazing mummy than I could have ever have imagined and he is growing every day.
When I see the littlest changes, the different kind of smile where you know this time, he is in fact laughing at you being silly and not just suffering from trapped wind. The first time he is laid playing and he squeaks with the first murmurings of a giggle, everything just feels…right. Even when he cries because he is hungry or the bad lady at the doctors keeps sticking needles in his legs, to sit there and comfort my boy until his tears stop falling, just feels…right.
As I type this it is 20:27 on 17/10/11, I realise that BB is exactly 3 months old (to the minute) and we have already seen such big changes in him. He recently started rubbing his eyes when he is tired, he has started sleeping through the night (about 10 hours) and Christine is convinced that he is teething! (Not sure I believe that!) I look forward to see what else my little boy will learn to do in the next few months and next few years to come.
BB, happy 3 month birthday. Mummy and daddy love you very much.

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  1. Looking forward to following this blog . I have only been blogging a year or so, and my girls are 16 and 13 now… I just wish this stuff was around then. If you want to get a feel for what kids might do to you over the next 15 years feel free to take a look at, and let me know what you think. Any feedback is always welcome! In the meantime I look forward to following your journey !
    Good Luck !!!

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