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If you have followed me, or if you have followed the Anderson Blog itself you know the amazing fight that baby Isla was fighting came to an end on 10th October. This little lady has captured the hearts of people all over the world including my own and Christine.

I have always made an effort on this blog to only talk about things related to BB, Christine or myself. Many times I have been tempted to air my opinions on different matters or vent at certain situations, but I haven’t. I haven’t because I wanted to keep this blog focused on our little family.
On 29th September, I made an exception. The same exception I am making today. On September 29th, I posted this blog post.
Every day since discovering the blog, I have come home and checked for the latest update and when I heard the news I felt a tear in my eye. Not just for Isla, but for both Matt and Lauren, who after all the heartache they had been through, now had to deal with what every parent fears and that is saying goodbye to their little angel.
Every day Matt updated the blog and even now he is kind enough to share his feelings and thoughts, with people he has never met, but have tried to support him through this terrible time. Sitting here reading every night, I felt bad there was nothing I could do but spread the word and that’s again what I am hoping to do now.
On 21st October Matt and Lauren say goodbye to their little angel once and for all and once again, I hope the blogging community comes together like they have before and support them on what is surely one of the hardest days anybody can go through.
They have asked that anybody who wishes to honour Isla’s memory, to release a balloon, as they will be on Friday the 21st. We certainly plan on doing so.
If you decide to follow suite, then please promise to do 2 things.
1 – Take a picture.
2 – Send the picture to Matt and Lauren over at mattaanderson@mail.com,
3 – Please add a comment to this post to let me know you have joined in.
Once again, Thanks for reading.
I will leave you with a poem that Matt has written for his precious daughter.
She Soars
Soar past the boundaries of a world where we can’t embrace
Begin your endless journey in a better place
Soar above the clouds up high
Don’t look back, don’t begin to cry
The sands of time will continue to flow
My little angel, I want you to know
I won’t forget

Soar to where the angels play
Up to the Heavens where we’ll meet someday
Soar to where you can rest peacefully
You are so pure,
You are so free
The waves will still crash upon the shore
My little angel forever more
I won’t forget

Soar to a place full of happiness
You are to perfect for all of this
Soar up high, don’t wait for me
In my heart you’ll forever be
The sun will still shine
The sun will still set
But I promise you my little angel, I won’t forget


  1. I was devastated when I heard about poor Isla.

    I’m sure Matt and Lauren would be grateful for you spreading the word mate.

    We’ll be releasing a balloon for Isla

  2. Thank you for linking up. I know this will mean a lot to the Anderson family to see so many help send of their angel.

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