A Balloon for Isla

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Today is the funeral of little Isla Anderson. If you follow this blog, but live under a rock, please take some time to read the Andersons blog HERE
Her daddy Matt has asked followers of their blog to release a balloon in her memory. So earlier, Christine chose a silver star and I came home from work on my lunch, so we could release it together.
It’s nothing special but as you will now if you follow this blog, this little girl touched hearts and mind, so we wanted to do something.
After a family picture, dog ‘ N all, we went to into a very windy garden to release our little gift.
I also added the following note.
 Hopefully it will travel far and wide and Isla’s story will touch other people’s lives.
Isla….This one’s for you.
I hope Danielle at Motherhood Truth doesnt mind but I wanted to share her beautiful video:

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  1. Oh I wish I would have thought about putting a little something like that in the letter I sent off as well!

    Beautiful. I’m glad you stopped by the blog to see my Isla post as well.

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