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 Most of you have probably not noticed, but I haven’t posted on here for some time. This isn’t for lack of wanting to, but I made a conscious decision not to. I found myself looking for things to post about, which is not why I started this blog. So for the past couple of weeks, I have simply sat back and enjoyed being a dad and a husband.
BUT…I’m back and as annoying as ever….HI *waves*
On Sunday 4th September our little BB was 7 weeks old. It’s unbelievable to think that only 7 weeks ago we were still just plodding along in life looking forward to our new addition (Which at that point was due 5 weeks later) and then BAM!! BB made is grand entrance.
He has already grown so much both within himself and physically.
When I look into his eyes I am still not convinced he can see be properly as he always seems to look passed you, but when I laugh at him and he smiles back it warms my heart to have that connection.
He has already grown out of his smallest of clothes and is pretty much out of Size 1 nappies. He is already becoming such a big boy and it excited me to think he is going to get even bigger. Soon he will be holding his own head, laughing at my jokes (Somebody has to!) and nurturing his own personality.
He is sleeping well, most of the time and is now already sleeping in his own room. He is still suffering from the moaning and groaning, but we are still hopeful he will grow out of it. 
He is also onto size 2 nappies! We worked out the other day, that we have enough nappies to last us until December! That’s alot of room taken up!
This week we start our first mini-adventure. We go on our first holiday as a family. I have extended family down in West Wales where my mother was born and raised and I know they would love to meet our new addition, so we are going down for a long weekend. It’s a 6 hour drive but we plan on doing it in 2 parts. First part is about 4 Hours to meet up with my sister and brother in-law and then another 2 hours to our final destination. We are staying in a beautiful town called Fishguard around half hour’s drive from most of the family.
Although we are expecting it to be difficult with a newborn in tow, but hopefully it will also be relaxing. It’s been a great journey these 7 weeks, but I think I and especially Christine deserve to be able to stick our feet up a little and hopefully BB can get some love and attention from is Auntie and uncle.
If we live to see Tuesday, I will let you know how it goes!

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