A baby’s first holiday

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I have spoken to friends and family, who have had kids and asked them about holidays. Most of them have attempted and some have even succeeded at having great first holidays with the kids. Other friends simply won’t even attempt it until their children are older and have less ‘Baggage’ to take with them.

Christine and I love to travel and we have seen some beautiful parts of the world and we hoped that the travelling would simply be scaled back once BB joined our little traveling troupe.
Well last weekend, we took what some would consider was our first holiday as a family.
I have relatives in Wales who I used to visit religiously every year as a child. While my parents were together we went by car. Once they separated, me and my mum continued to travel every year by train. We even travelled by coach one year which took 12 hours!
Since my mum passed away, my trips have become a little less frequent, nearing non-existent. This wasn’t because I stopped caring about those relatives, but as I began to grow older, other holidays took precedent.
A few months ago, an uncle from Wales visited us and made me promise, that when BB arrived, we would take him down to show him off to the family. He didn’t need to ask me twice, so as soon as BB was born, the plan to visit Wales was made.
So we found some cheap accommodation and began our long weekend by doing the 240+ mile journey for a long weekend. The hardest job of the weekend, was trying to fit all we needed into a Fiat Punto. We took a Moses basket for BB to sleep in, clothes for all 3 of us, then all the stuff the dog would need and biggest of all, the pram for BB to get about in and that alone nearly filled the boot!
We had a great time showing the little man to his Great Auntie and Uncles. He behaved impeccably all the while being passed from one person to the next and having to spend a lot of time in his car seat, travelling from one place to another.
All in all it was a great break and it was lovely to see some relatives, I hadn’t seen for some time. It also gave us some confidence that if and when we decide to travel for a little longer than a few days, we can manage fine, although I might need a bigger car!
All the family together in the picturesque town of Fishguard.


  1. Ah how lovely! It sounds like you had a great time. I love taking our babies on holidays, crazy amount of baggage and all heehee. Glad you enjoyed yourselves, you can get planning the next one now!

  2. I think travelling with babies is a lot easier then with toddlers… Yes you have more stuff to take but feeding them is much much easier… We have managed to do a bit with our two boys (5yo and 2yo) including NZ 3 times… it gets easier the more you do it as they just adapt…

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