Our due date has arrived!

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On 21st August 2011 our beautiful baby was due and although it felt like forever, the date finally arrived!
Surprisingly however, our little baby boy was able to celebrate with us because he was already here! As most of you know Baby Benjamin (BB) was born 5 weeks early.
What a strange 5 weeks it has been.
I am not sure whether its because I have wanted a child for a long time and have imagined every scenario over and over again, or whether it’s just because if I was any more laid back I would be horizontal, but these 5 weeks just seemed ‘normal’.
Now I must confess, my life doesn’t seem to have changed a great deal. I still go to work, still come home, still do a little housework, the main difference is I get a little less sleep and have an extra kiss to dish out when I get home…the dog loves a snog.
The reason I have had it so easy, is because of my partner in crime. Christine has fallen into the role of mummy so well. She has been breastfeeding from day one and because of that she is the one who has been woken every 2, 3 and now 4 hours for dinner to be served. She uses the rational, that as I have to go to work in the morning, I should be able to get some shut eye and boy, am I grateful for that!
I know that in the past, I have dribbled on at how much I love Christine and what an amazing person she is. Well I am not ashamed of doing that and since she pushed BB into our lives, my feelings for her have only got mushier.  She has dealt with anything mum related with the swagger and technique of a seasoned professional and if you knew Christine you may be as surprised as she probably is.
I’m not surprised. There is no occasion that springs to mind where Christine hasn’t been able to overcome a problem. If there is a problem she can’t solve, she finds somebody to help her solve it. (very rarely me)
Because of this, she has made the first 5 weeks of fatherhood a dream and I hope that if there is anything I can do to make her life easier, I hope I can do it as well as she can. (I am sure she will get her own back when we eventually start bottle feeding)
Just incase you were wondering, YES, we did have cake…Yum!


  1. Just reading through this and you have actually reduced me to tears the way you talk about Chrissie 🙂 she is a brilliant mummy but remember she couldn’t do such a good job without you either! I love you both and you are both fantastic parents to the gorgeous Benjamin George xxx

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