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The term V-Day has many connotations.
When you type V-Day into the ever correct Wikipedia it supplies the following results:
V Day
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
V-Day is a term used during WWII prior to victory being achieved in Europe and Asia.
V-Day may also be used as shorthand for Valentine’s Day in English-speaking countries
V-Day (movement) is also the name given to a non-profit event founded by playwright Eve Ensler
V-Day may also refer to the global movement to end violence against women and girls.
To many people, now including myself, this means a whole different thing that Wikipedia fails to mention.
 In the world of pregnancy, V-Day means that your bundle of joy, boy or girl is now ‘Viable’! That means that that our little one, is no longer considered a foetus, it is now considered a BABY!
This mean, that if the worst was to happen and any complications arose and our baby needed to be born as premature as 16 weeks early, the hospital, doctors and nurses are required to treat him/her as if it was a new born and they would do everything possible to try and give our baby as much support as possible to survive.
Today (Monday 2nd May), is our V-Day!
 Happy V-Day everybody!…But here’s to another 16 weeks!

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