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We are now well into the 27th week of pregnancy and the last week of the second Trimester. Things still seem a little strange and I still find it hard to believe that there is a 27 week old baby in the wife’s belly.
Even while I am typing this she herself is sat muttering the words “It’s a REAL baby in there!”
According to the ‘How big is you baby’ ticker from we are currently the size of an aubergine or for our foreign friends, an eggplant!

I think we are just about ready. We have all the essentials. Cot/moses basket, nappies, baby grows, food (boobs) and if we needed anything in particular, our local 24 hour supermarket is only 5 minutes drive away.

When looking at what the internet has to say about the development of our little bundle of poo it still makes my head hurt trying to comprehend that such magic can happen.
Christine has started complaining of pain in her bum cheeks and top of her legs. I can identify that as pressure on the sciatic nerve as 2 years ago; I had the same problem, BIG TIME. On boxing day, I turned round to place something down and all of a sudden I was in agony, went to lay down, which turned out to be worse thing I could do and I was stuck there for a day!
Christine saw me suffer so was relieved to hear that it’s a temporary thing and it’s just the baby getting comfy on a very painful nerve!
As you can see from either of my countdowns, we only have 89 days to a due date of 21st August. Sometimes, that seems like such a long way-a-way. And then other times it seems so close! Either way I wish it was tomorrow.
I am working through the next 3 months a bit at a time, to help the time pass.
June – Wife is working away for some of the month, so that will help June pass.
July – I will be going to my last festival at the beginning of July. I say my last as it isn’t cheap and has been something I do without Christine as it’s not her thing.
August – This will be the worst. I am not looking forward to August. Christine will be uncomfortable, every day will drag and with every twinge, we will wonder if that’s the sign the wheels are in motion.  Christine also has annual leave to take at the beginning of August, so that will make it drag even more.
Going to try and keep up with the weekly updates and countdown to the big day. Only 12 to go!

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  1. I can assure you the next 3 months will fly by! I’m 29 weeks now and its less than ten weeks till the c-section! Thankfully i am really busy but even so it does come around SO fast!

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