Meet my son/daughter!

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Well, not quite! I know it’s a little early (around 16 weeks too early), but for the first time, I would like you to meet my soon to be, son or daughter!
Over at, they have a little feature called ‘Baby Morpher’, where using a picture of yourself and one of your partner, it spits out a morphed picture to show what the software feels would be a close resemblance to your offspring.
I am sure to all parents; their own child is the most beautiful boy or girl in the world.
If this ‘morpher’ is accurate, we will certainly have an interesting looking child….I don’t know why all pictures have a really square chin!?!
If you’re expecting, give it a go and let me know what your results are. If you are already parents and have some pictures of yourselves from around when your child was born, try it and see how accurate it is!

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