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Wow, it’s getting close!
I have always never really got excited about anything until the point it happens. 
If we booked a holiday and 8 weeks before, somebody said “Are you excited”, my response was always no. I didn’t really ever get excited until I was sat next to the beach/pool/bar. Unfortunately for various reasons, I am a pretty pessimistic person, so I always think something will go wrong, so I can only relax when I get to the end of my journey.
The difference with becoming a father, I haven’t really even started my journey yet, and that’s why it’s different!
When people have asked me if I am excited I can honestly say I can’t blooming wait!
I don’t know if it is because I have wanted to become a father for so long, or that I know that every day is going to be different, or that I am going to be able to care for something that I helped bring into this world or many of the other 1000’s of reasons that are running through my mind.
So, now we now we have established that I am excited, I am also very VERY nervous! For every reason I am excited, I am also nervous for the same reasons. Can I look after a baby? Can I teach it right from wrong? If I teach it my version of right and wrong is it the correct right or wrong?
The only answer I can come up with for any doubts I have is this.
What I do know is, I am a sensible, respectful, honest, good person and I will give everything in my heart and soul to make sure that my child is brought up the best way possible and I can’t wait to try!
It’s getting very real but BRING IT ON!


  1. I soooo know that feeling…
    Wanna hear something interesting? I never thought I could even cope wth having a kid… I didn’t like kids… they loved me… and I have no idea why… but now I simply can’t imagine other life if not being a dad…
    Weird how things change… 🙂
    In july I will be dad for the 3rd time… and I am just as nervous as I was with the 1st one… 🙂 can’t wait for him to be here!
    PS… love the new blog design!

  2. Your last paragraph says it all. No one knows how to be a dad (or a mum) but when we know we’re going to be one, we’ll do everything we can to ensure we’re doing it right. But do you know what? There isn’t even a right way (perhaps a wrong way in some cases however!). You just have to do your best. When you see the beautiful little face staring up at you and your heart starts to melt, your life will change forever. For the better.

    Found you at Britmums blog hop!
    CJ xx

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