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It’s been a long time coming, but we have finally made it to the half way point…20Weeks
From reading the 1000’s* of articles, message boards and blogs I knew that the there were but few really important dates to look out for;
12 Week scan
20 Week scan
24 weeks (Some call V-day)
Due date
The 12 week scan was amazing, for the first time we could see our little…..something. Although you could just make out what looked like a little human, you couldn’t really SEE anything.
 What the 12 weeks gives a parent-to-be is piece of mind.  Although we know that anything can happen even up until the birth, but most believe that the 12 weeks scan is a safe point, an OK for you to begin to tell people, a sign everything is OK,and that’s all it gave us really. I believe that what will be, will be, so if I had told someone when we first found out around the 4 weeks mark, it wouldn’t have made a difference. The way we have lived our lives wouldn’t have changed and if the worst were to happen it is because, that’s what was meant to happen and not just because we announced our news on facebook!
The 20 week scan is something completely different. The only disappointment regarding the appointment was while the sonographer was doing the necessary checks that everything was OK with our little one, she just simply sat in silence with an occasional tap on a keyboard. This made me nervous and it took all my will power to stop myself from screaming, “Well? Is everything OK”?
Well it was and nerves promptly disappeared once she turned the monitor toward our expectant faces. As she turned the screen, she began showing us the details. Fist she showed us the face (I swear LO was looking at the ‘camera’.
She then went down the body, showing us arms, torso, and finally legs. They looked so normal and formed. We didn’t find out the gender…or ‘Flavour’ as the mrs likes to say and I will talk about why in my next blog, but for now, I leave you with the picture that currently sits on my desk at work and keeps me smiling.
* = Probably not an exaggeration.

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  1. Always loved scans, really helped me start to bond with our babies. Amazing how well developed they are even at 20 weeks.

    One comment don’t think about due date to much, sometimes leads to a strange form of pressure building. Only 5% of babies are born on due date and there is quite a large window as to true age of your baby.

    Keep your thoughts coming really enjoying reading them

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