I won an award…kinda!

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This week I was given my first (of many I hope…I CAN DREAM!) blogging awards.
Ally over at her blog ‘Cancer and Baby Equals Chaos’ selected me for a Kreativ Blogger award.
This comes with a few conditions though, which are:
Link Back to Ally – Done (Twice..lol)
Give you 10 interesting facts about me…this is going to be hard!
1 – I don’t wear any other colour of clothing but black.
2 – I was once featured in a woman’s magazine article about living with Asbestos in our house.
3 – I used to be a promising young 10-pin bowler and even represented Leeds. I have trophies and everything!
4 – I had a strangulated hernia as a baby and had to have major surgery.
5 – Have never broken a bone in my body.
6 – Sadly lost both parents before the age of 28.
7 – Is one of the few people he knows with no tattoos or piercings at all.
8 – Grew my beard as a joke…that was about 4 years ago and it’s still here!
9 – Would consider himself a film fanatic, but has never seen all the star wars movies, no Harry Potter and many other ‘Classics’. (I have however been to the cinema over 30 times since July!)
10 – Once took part in a fun run alongside Sir Jimmy Saville.
Now to choose other bloggers to pass this award onto!
I haven’t been part of the blogging world for long, but these have helped me a great deal so far.:
Check them out!
Thanks again to Ally for selecting me for this award and hopefully I can live up to it…no pressure!

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