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Firstly, a little bit about me:
*Stands up in front of the group*. My names Lewis Ackroyd and I will be 29 when I become a father in August 2011.
I married Christine at 23 and thought that the next logical step would be kids.
We had our own home, we were extremely happy together, but one thing stood in our way……The woman I loved with all my heart told me she had no desire to become a mother.
Her opinion went from “in the future” to “No thanks”. Some people at that stage may have made the decision to separate; after all, we both wanted different futures, she wanted a life of holidays and nights out, I wanted a little one to look after, teach wrong from right and all the other things that come with bringing life into this world. Separation however never crossed my mind, after all I married her for love not her uterus!
The idea of not having kids hit me hard; I always believed that eventually I would be a dad so the realisation of NEVER having kids really brought me down. Eventually though, I came to the realisation that even though I wouldn’t have kids, I was still very lucky in life. I had a beautiful wife who loved me dearly; we had our own house, good jobs and were very happy.
In 2010 everything changed. I don’t know if it was having friends with babies or simply the biological clock kicking in but in February we had the first serious discussion about parenthood. After about a month of me constantly asking “Are you sure”, we were officially trying to conceive.
….more to follow!

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