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Best Fathers Day Ever.

Sunday’s are difficult in our house when it comes to doing things as a family as The Mrs has to work.
That means that when it comes to the weekend we have to make the best of Saturday as it’s the one day a week we are together as a family.
This is more of an issue when it comes to Mothers Day or Fathers Day as this always ends on a Sunday.

Sunday 19th June 2016 is Fathers Day in the UK and just like any other Sunday the wife will be hard at work.
When she asked me what I wanted for Fathers Day I didn’t really have an answer. What I wanted it turns out was a family day where we had fun and spent time together.

It started off this morning the second we got out of bed. The boys had been on a spending mission the night before to buy daddy some presents. Unfortunately they couldn’t contain their excitement and the moment I walked out of my bedroom door, presents were thrust in my direction.
I got a giant Toblerone , a mug and a Paw Patrol character. Isn’t a Paw Patrol toy really what every dad wants?


After a quick trip into town for a family hair cut we went to do one of my favourite things….bowling (review coming soon) and then a takeaway from my fave pizza place for tea. (That’s dinner for those not from up north)….oh and maybe a doughnut for desert.

Of course, there is only one way to end a like this and that’s reading bedtime stories. Done.

People often make a point of saying that it doesn’t mean anything when you celebrate something for just one day and you should give all year round and when it comes to Fathers day it sometimes feels like I celebrate it every day.

I’ve had five Fathers Days so far but today (even though it technically isn’t Fathers Day) might just be the best one ever.

Green Fingers – MySundayPhoto


I’m not a gardener at all. I mow the lawn, I tidy, but that’s about it.
Looks like LB might have got the green fingers of the family.

This and many other photos have been linked over at Photalife, so go over there by clicking the image below and check out everybody else’s #MySundayPhoto pictures.



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11 year anniversary..

I was going to write a post about the fact that today, me and the woman I call my wife celebrate our 11 year anniversary.

Instead I thought I would commit what some may call a blogging crime (Some would say I do this every time I post!) and re-use an old post. I wrote this little post 5 years ago on our 6 year anniversary but it’s a little insight into the path to 11 years was also before we became parents which honestly feels AGES ago!….in a good way of course!

The original post can be found here. Please excuse how bad my writing was but as with my marriage, I didn’t want to change anything.. 🙂 Sick buckets not included.

The 7th May holds a very special place in my heart, for that is the day I married my beautiful wife Christine.

ChristineWe first met when I got a job working in the same department as a temp, way back in 1999. Immediately, we struck up a friendship and after a while it became clear, Christine couldn’t resist the DWB charm. (I’m certain, this doesn’t actually exist, but I can’t otherwise think why she would be attracted to ME!) Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I was still in a serious relationship with a girl I went to high school with, so cupid had to take a rain check.
After nearly a year, Christine was to get a job working abroad as a holiday rep in Majorca. A few weeks before she left, my mum passed away and although my then girlfriend appeared distant, Christine was there for me when I needed someone to talk to.
In true Hollywood fashion, the day after Christine flew out to Spain; I split with my then girlfriend and became a single and available man. Typical, but these things happen for a reason.

Over the next few months, we kept in touch using good old fashion letters and phone calls. Then, call it fate; call it coincidence, but myself and a friend, booked a holiday to Tenerife for an October getaway and unbeknown to me, Christine had also been asked to go cover the crossover of staff in Tenerife, so we were both there at the same time.
So it all began in Tenerife and here we are nearly 11 years later.


On 7th May 2005, we tied the knot in an art gallery not far from where we had set-up home and our reception at a modest family run hotel. Many people would say that their wedding day was perfect, but ours truly was. We had our loved ones around us, everything went without a hitch and I had managed to snag one hell of a woman.

I love my wife more than I could articulate in this blog, or show you in pictures or even show in actions (although I do try).
She is my ying to my yang, my salt to my pepper, my Bert to My Ernie. She is the reason I get up on a morning and go to work so together we can build a life that we can enjoy. Soon, this life that we have built with each other will change for the better, she will become mum and I will become dad and I wouldn’t want to embark on this journey with anybody else.

6 years ago, we got married and have never looked back, instead we look forward, forward to becoming parents.

Christine, I love you and happy anniversary.

Since I wrote this post we have become parents to two beautiful boys. Before kids I didn’t think I could love my wife anymore than I did, but when I see what she has given me in those two boys I realise I was wrong.

Love you Christine and happy anniversary.


How do I tell my kids?

On April 22nd 2000, my mother passed away. That event shaped my life from forever. She is forever in my heart and always in my thoughts, but my kids don’t really know she existed. She of course did, but how do I tell my kids?

Death is a funny thing. Of course I don’t mean it’s funny to die, but that it’s something we will all do but it’s also something most people don’t like to talk about. It’s as if talking about it makes it more likely to happen, which of course isn’t true, so why do people stay clear of the subject?

Talking about death has become an everyday thing in our house, certainly between me and the wife. This isn’t because it has touched our lives recently, it’s because for the past 5 months I have been working in a funeral home.

I try to avoid too much detail when the inevitable “nice day at work?” conversations happen, but its nice to talk about the stories behind the people I have ‘worked with’ that day.

What I have also avoided is answering the kids conversation regarding my parents. The boys have one set of grandparents that they love dearly but sometimes I am asked “Daddy, where’s your mummy?” and if I am honest, I don’t know how to answer the question. My answer normally consists of me mumbling something about her not being around and then distracting them with something shiny, (gotta love kids attention spans).

I’m not religious person and therefore don’t want to give them a religious answer however the theory of people leaving this world to go to another is possibly much easier for a child to understand rather than the explanation I would give to an adult which is in my opinion, you live, you die and that’s it.

Both my parents have passed away. My mum passed away when I was 18 and my father passed away when I was 27 so the kids have sadly never met them.

So you can see my dilemma. When kids ask where somebody who has passed away in your life, how do you deal with it? Is it easier to use the religious angle that they go to heaven and then when the kids are older allow them to make their own decision?

Do you have a ‘off the shelf’ answer that miraculously avoids the multitude of questions of WHY? It’s never fun not knowing the answer to something your kids ask you, but when trying to avoid either scarring them for life or filling their heads with stories of higher powers and a land where you can have anything you ever dream (I mean heaven, not Disneyland) it’s hard to know what’s right.

Have you had a similar experience? How did you explain death and loved ones passing to your kids? because sooner or later I’m not going to be able to get away with the old mumble and distract technique and I am going to have to give them an actual answer……Parenting is hard sometimes!

Please help, comment below.




My View – #MySundayPhoto

Imagine seeing this view everyday.
It’s ours for a week for one week only!


This and many other photos have been linked over at Photalife, so go over there by clicking the image below and check out everybody else’s #MySundayPhoto pictures.



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